PTE Listening

PTE Academic Listening Tips

PTE Academic listening section held for 45 to 57 minutes depends on the given questions in the exam. Here you are tested on your listening skills mainly, as well as having some integrated speaking & listening questions. For each question, you have the opportunity to adjust the volume. While the audio clip is playing, move the control bar to the right to increase the volume or to the left to decrease the volume. The item types it includes in this section are as follows:

PTE Academic Useful Tips & Tricks for Listening Section:

PTE Listening is very easy and scoring if you pay attention to all parts of test carefully. The following are the different parts of PTE Listening
1. Summarise Spoken Text
2. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
3. Fill in the blanks
4. Highlight correct summary
5. Multiple-choice, choose single answer
6. Select Missing word
7. Highlight incorrect words
8. Write from Dictation

PTE Tips for Summarize Spoken Text:
• Make a note while listening to the text, vomit the vowels and practice you can save a lot of time.
• Use the words, “The speaker says….”
• Concentrate on topic sentences and most repeated words.
• Time manage- 3 min plan, 5 min write, 2 min check (Spellings, Grammar).

Tips for Multiple & Single answer choices:
• Multiple answers types have the Negative marking.
• Most of the time answers rate of speech are fast so careful and listen.
• Answers are mostly paraphrased.
• Most of the answers you can find at the ending of listening so listen until it finishes.
• Most of the time, Pay close attention to the frequency words (always, often, sometimes, never many, all, never, only.. etc) eliminate those options and find the correct answer.
• Effectively heard word may not be correct word because it may be frequency word as above point.